Scholarship Types, Available Scholarship in UP

Types of Scholarship: – Scholarship programme are now become very popular across the India as well as in various states. As per the different research data published in the various places and that shows that Uttar Pradesh Government is spending more money than other state government in Scholarship Programme. Scholarship programme is benefit to type of people like students, higher education seeker student, athletes and minorities students. So the government has divided the scholarship as per the section wise, need wise and demographic wise. Aspirants choose the right scholarship programme at right place and for that you have some ideas about the type of scholarship available. So here see the detailed information about the type of scholarship category. It is may not be same in other state or in other country. It is just an overview of different types of Scholarship.

  • Merit Based: – Merit based scholarship programme run by government, educational institute, sports institute and various companies. In this programme they gave financial support based on the student’s academic, athletic, artistic, or other abilities. So it is purely based on merit system and to find best eligible students they conduct the various examination based on the qualification. So students who are looking to scholarship based on merit they must have good educational qualification and should clear the respective entrance examination.
  • Student Specific: – This type of scholarship is entirely different from the rest of other. In this category people get scholarship based on upon gender, race, Cast, religion, family and medical history. Students don’t need to attend any examination and they will shortlisted by the government or organisation. Minority type of educational scholarship is very popular in this category and it is beneficial for those people who come under the minority category.
  • Career Based: – This type of scholarship programme is run by the various higher institutes around the world. If some aspirants want to do higher education or specific study in new filed then various higher studies centre provide career based scholarship. This scholarship programme for the high educated people and it is available in few places. It is tough to get because they will check the academic records as well as programme in which you want to study.
  • College Specific: – Now days many colleges offer very high quality education and to attract quality students they are provides scholarship for those aspirants. So thousand of universities, educational institute and research centre offering hundreds of different types of scholarship. So aspirants who has aim to study in best university the see there scholarship programme and apply but before applying in that read the full criteria.
  • Athletic: – People who have good in sports and they want to improve their skills in any sports then you have many scholarship options as state label and central label. So sports persons who wants to join in well sports academic then government supports though the sports scholarship. Many people are taking advantage of this and doing very well in sports.

Many other types of local as well as state label scholarship programs runs so check all these in the official website of that.

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