3 Interesting Facts About Embroidery You Need to Know

Embroidery is a thread craft that performed by hand or machines, which embellishing all types of fabric. There is a process called digitizing, it is a conversion of logo or the actual art into a thread pattern. It is allow the machine to read and apply the stitches to the fabric. Nowadays the machine requires a certain file, like .EMB or .DST file. Are you a beginner in embroidery? Or looking for starter kit Embroidery Columbia Sc? Don’t worry it’s all available for in embroidery shop near me.

Many people are excited to learn embroidery, but before that here are some interesting facts you need to know about this thread craft.

3 Interesting Facts About Embroidery You Need to Know

1. Using Hand and Machine

Embroidery can be done by hand or machine if you want it faster in the process. Hand embroidery may be hard to do because you need a lot of practice and patience. You also require to learn any stitches to reach a certain level of expertise. Meanwhile, using embroidery machine made it faster and easier. But you will still need to know how to thread the needle and hoop the fabric.

2. Choosing the Right Needles are Important

The reason why you need to choose the right needles are every fabrics has different characteristics which doesn’t suit in one needles and design. You will need a sharp pointed needle for woven fabric, or a blunt one to working with canvas and linen. The size of needles is important to know, you can choose a short needle if you need speed in process.

3. Fashion Trend

Embroidery can be use to express ourselves. You can see there’s so many high-end designers like Marc Jacob and Gucci, and celebs made embroidered clothing and apparel. You can even see those awesome embroidered fashion in runways.

That’s all about embroidery interesting facts you need to know. there’s a lot of embroidery tutorial that can be found in online or books if you’re interested to learn it.