Things to Know About The Primary and Secondary School of DPS CBSE School Electronic City

DPS CBSE School Electronic City is one of the best school in Bangalore, India. The goal of education in this school is to develop every student to get motivated and be an independent learner. The curriculum is designed to be flexible enough, so the students will not be bored. It also will develop them by attaching the co-curriculum about spirit of leadership, patriotism, and empathy. That will be good for their future, which the behavior is so important in our life. To know more about the primary and secondary school, just check the information below.

DPS CBSE School Electronic City offers the curriculum that established by CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education. The curriculum features the interactive learning system that very effective to implement the CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. It focused on how the teaching learning and methodology that good for the children. It aimed to develop the paradigms to be conducive and well-prepared for the learning process.

The Primary and Secondary school of this DPS CBSE School Electronic City give a balanced educational program that very safe and will stimulate the children to embarks them on a physical, emotional, intellectual and their social behavior. They will also give all the students learning about how to develop essential skills to make their future better than now. While encouraging the positive characteristics, DPS CBSE School Electronic City promotes some responsibility for the children such as creativity, respect, self-confidence to get a better level of academic and also behavioral expectations.

At the end, DPS CBSE School Electronic City prepared the students to get an enjoyable learning, curriculum that has activity-based and experimental, and also global expectation for their bright future. So, what’s your choice for beloved children? You can just check their official website to get more information in detail.